Roll Printers
Easily and quickly mark your shipping cartons, Kraft bags, pallets, and more with a hand-held coder. RIBtype® rubber type is pressed into the print wheel, and an ink roll automatically applies the ink.

Printers are available in two models:

Indexing: With an indexing model the print wheel automatically returns to the start position after each rotation. You get one accurate, complete imprint every time.

Non-indexing:  Also known as "random" or "continuous" printers, the print wheel on these models continues to rotate until the user stops; printing continuously at repeat intervals equal to the print wheel circumference.

HHCM Carton Marker
Designed for porous applications, this lightweight hand coder is easy to operate and changing the ink roll is a snap!

Indexing Model:         HHCM-I,  Print Size: 1 3/4 x 9"
Non-Indexing Model:  HHCM-R,  Print Size: 1 3/4 x 11"

#01-050A Poly-ink Rolls: pre-inked rolls are available in black ,red, blue or green. Poly-ink® disposable ink rolls give you thousands of impressions with no liquid ink mess. Re-Inkable neoprene ink roll also available.

Universal Handprinters
Designed for porous applications, Universal Handprinters are sturdy and weigh only 1 pound and 11 ounces. One dry micro-foam re-inkable roll is included with each printer.

HP-100NI Small, Non-indexing, Print Size: 2" x 6.5"
HP-200NI Large, Non-Indexing, Print Size: 2" x 9"
HP-200 Large Indexing, Print Size, 2" x 9"

Non-porous Handprinter HPNP100
Non-Porous Handprinters are specially designed for use on non-porous surfaces. The portable HPNP roll printer is excellent for marking metal, plastic, glass, rubber and other non-porous surfaces that require evaporative inks.

The continuous printing HPNP-100NI non-indexing model is great for repeat printing on sheet metal and other surfaces. The HPNP-100 indexing model provides accurate print registration on parts.

Hand printers come with one disposable MT Black ink roll. Re-inkable XF neoprene ink rolls are also available.

HPNP-100 Indexing Model, Print Size: 1" x 9"
HPNP-100NI Non-Indexing Model, Print Size: 1" x 9"

Large Capacity Handprinter
When you need the large print area capacity of a conveyor line printer, but have an off-line application these hand-held coders are your solution.

HPL-100 Indexing, Print Size: 1.125" x 18"
HPL-200 Indexing, Print Size: 2" x 18"
HPL-300 Indexing, Print Size: 3" x 18"
HPL-400 Indexing, Print Size: 4" x 18

Large Handprinter Roller
Universal Handprinter HP200
Universal Non-porous Handprinter HPNP100
Hand Held Carton Marker HHCM
HHCM Hand Coder
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