Telos®, Tiflex® and Posta® ribbed rubber type are compatible with Metric RIBtype.
Metric RIBtype Specifications
Metric RIBtype® is designed to be compatible with European standards. Other brands that are compatible with Metric RIBtype include Telos, Tiflex and Posta. 

Please note: US Standard RIBtype and Metric RIBtype are not compatible.

Metric Quality Guarantee
Metric RIBtype Materials
Metric RIBtype can be made in the same materials as our US Standard RIBtype can, however, Metric RIBtype is most commonly made using the following materials:

    Gray natural rubber
    Black, oil-and-acid resistant 50-buna
    Hard, black oil-and-acid resistant 90-buna
    Heat-resistant silicone

Silicone and hard buna Metric RIBtype are popular choices for use in hot quick coders.
Metric RIBtype Specs
Metric RIBtype Deep Relief Specs
RIBtype ribbed rubber type is precision manufactured to a nominal thickness of .216" (+/- .003"). We guarantee it! We also guarantee the alignment of our type will meet the same exacting tolerances. For best results, replace worn type or other brands whose thickness and tolerance may vary. For best holding power and a perfect fit, use precision molded Metric RIBtype® rib-base sheets.

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