Telos®, Tiflex® and Posta® ribbed rubber type are compatible with Metric RIBtype.
Metric RIBtype
Metric RIBtype® is interchangeable ribbed-back rubber type, a system of interlocking "ribs" that allows the user to change dates and other information easily. Ribbed base material can be attached to automatic rotating print wheels, reciprocating printing devices, or on hand-held stamps.

Metric RIBtype is made to be compatible with European standards and brands such as Telos, Tiflex and Posta. See specifications here.

Please note: US Standard RIBtype and Metric RIBtype are not compatible.

We offer a full range of Metric RIBtype® products including type sets in several type styles, heavy duty self-inkers, roll printers, base sheet, custom type, and more.
Metric RIBtype
Metric Fonts A+ C+
Metric RIBtype type sets are available in several different type styles and sizes ranging from 2mm to 68mm to meet your needs.  Type sets are available in Spanish, Portuguese, Cyrillic (Russian), Polish, Arabic, Turkish and other languages. A+ Assortment include letters and numbers and C+ Assortments include numbers and symbols. Shown below are the set contents for European type sets. Contact us for the contents of sets in other languages.

Metric Rtype Styles
Shown below are the most popular Metric RIBtype styles. Other styles are available and most any style can be custom made into Metric RIBtype.

Metric RIBtype A+
Metric RIBtype C+
Custom Metric RIBType
Custom Metric RIBtype can be made to meet your needs. Single-logotypes (kliches), multi-line mats, mats from your artwork, mirror-image text and more can all be made to meet your requirements.  Contact us for more information.

RIBtype International Dealers
If you are an international customer, we can ship direct to you or you can order from one of our international dealers. Find a dealer here.

Metric RIBtype Mats and Logos
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