RIBbase Handle Stamps can be made in most any size to suit your needs. These stamps traditionally have a wood knob handle, but can be made with no handles or alternate handles as well.
RIBtype Peg Stamps are primarily used for smaller type applications. They can be manufactured small enough to hold only 1 character of type. Peg stamps are especially beneficial when a mark is needed in small, hard-to-get-to areas.
Self-inking Stamps have the ink pad built-in for fast and easy marking. The heavy-duty, all metal self-inkers have RIBbase in them to allow for your changing messages and are available in a variety of sizes.
Wood Rocker Stamps are made of sturdy red oak and are recommended for large imprint areas or if you are printing on an uneven surface. The rocking motion allows for more even pressure to be distributed as you make the impression.
Aluminum Rocker Stamps are lightweight and durable. As with wood rockers, aluminum rocker stamps are recommended for large imprint areas. The "G" handle makes gripping and stamping easier on your hands.
Roll Printers, sometimes referred to as "hand coders," are self-inking and allow for easy and quick marking with the flexibility of interchangeable type. Printers are available in two models: indexing and non-indexing.
Coders are commonly used to imprint boxes or other products as they move along a conveyer. RIBtype can be used on any machine fitted with rib-base or RIBtype compatible ribbed-back material including porous and non-porous coders by Universal, Lincoln Coders, Marsh, Diagraph, Key-Mat, and Kiwi Coders.
Reciprocating Coders are commonly used for coding, labeling, and dating products utilizing a pneumatic device. RIBtype can be used on any machine fitted with RIBtype base or  RIBtype compatible ribbed-back material including the following brands: Greydon, Bell-Mark, Marsh, Kiwi Coders, and Kortho Hit Quick Coders.
Tape Coders, sometimes called code tapers, are used to date, code, and label packing tape. RIBtype can be used on any machine fitted with RIBtype base or RIBtype compatible ribbed-back material including Marsh and Better Packages.  

A Variety of other machines, such as box printers, are fitted with rib-base. RIBtype can be used in any of these machines. If you are an OEM wanting to use RIBtype in your machines, please contact us.

When chaging messages are needed, RIBtype offers unnumerable solutions. To use RIBtype, it is mounted into a marking device. Thse marking devices range from traditional wooden hand stamps and heavy-duty self-inkers, to porous and non-porous conveyor-line coders and recipricating coders.
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Baselock®, Grip-line®, Sta-tite®, Dilok®, and various other brands of ribbed rubber type are compatible with RIBtype.

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