TU70 FU70 FU70VP
TU71 FU71 FU71VP
TU72 FU72 FU72VP
TU73 FU73 FU73VP
TU74 FU74 FU74VP
TU75 FU75 FU75VP
TU75-1/2 FU75-1/2
TU76 FU76 FU76VP
TU77 FU77 FU77VP
TU78 TU78L
TU79 FU79 FU79VP
U Style RIBtype
U70 - 1/8"
U71 - 9/64"
U72 - 3/16"
U73 - 1/4"
U74 - 5/16"
U75 - 3/8"
U75-1/2 - 7/16"
U76 - 1/2"
U77 - 5/8"
U78 - 3/4"
U79 - 15/16"

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Baselock®, Grip-line®, Sta-tite®, Dilok®, and various other brands of ribbed rubber type are compatible with RIBtype.

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ribtype type sets
The most economical way to buy individual letters and numbers is in type sets, also called fonts. type sets or fonts. "T" assortments include capital letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. "F" figure assortments include numbers, punctuation marks, and currency symbols only. See the links below for exact contents of type sets.

Type Styles
RIBtype® ribbed rubber type sets are stocked in our four most popular styles: A, regular; B, condensed; U, bold; and G, bold condensed.

Sizes: Type sets are available in sizes ranging from 1/16" to 2" in height. Sets in sizes up to 1" are usually in stock and ready for shipment.

Custom Type Sets:
RIBtype® can be manufactured in nearly any typeface and size. Contact us for information on making a custom font to meet your needs. 

RIbtype Font
RIBtype type styles