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      By Phone:  800-473-4039  US/Canada

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      By Fax:      800-990-7389  US/Canada

How do I place an order?
At this time online ordering is not available, but orders can easily placed by phone (800-473-4039), fax (800-990-7389), or by email (

When will my order ship?
Most type sets and other stock items ordered before 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time usually ship the same day. Custom type is produced in two working days; deep relief and custom silicone orders require 5-6 working days. Large orders, merchandise not in stock, and orders shipping internationally may also require additional time.

What if I need my order sooner than that?
We do have Special Rush service available for emergencies. Additional fees and exact delivery will depend on the items ordered. Please contact us regarding your needs.

Do you ship to other countries?
Yes, we ship daily to countries all over the world. We can ship directly to you or, if you prefer, you can order from one of our international dealers.
Find an international dealer.

Is my old rubber type compatible with RIBtype?
RIBtype is compatible with Baselock®, Grip-line®, Sta-tite®, Dilok®, and several other brands of ribbed rubber type. Although very few customers have problems switching from other brands to RIBtype, not all conversions will be exact. Differences in style and alignment may be noticable in some cases. Additionally, using worn type with new type can result in less than ideal impressions. Let us know if you have concerns about a particular match-up.

Do you have large characters?
Yes, RIBtype can be made in virtually any size 1/16" and taller. We have standard set-ups in sizes ranging from 1/16" to 4" and there are type sets available in sizes up to 2". Your custom sizes and styles can also be made; please contact us regarding your exact needs.

I don't see what I'm looking for, can you make it?
The RIBtype product line has so many custom products and applications that it is impossible to list every one. Chances are we can make what you need or know where you can find it, please contact us with your requirements. You can also visit our RIBtype Gallery to see a sampling of custom applications we've done.

I just need numbers (or just letters), do you have a set like that?
We have three standard stock set assortments:
   Letters & Numbers & Symbols ("T" prefix, i.e. TA10)
   Numbers & Symbols ("F" prefix, i.e. FA10)
   Numbers & Symbols Value Pack ("F" prefix, "VP" suffix, i.e. FA10VP)
See our most popular styles and sets here. Custom sets can also be made to suit your needs.

I only need certain characters, can I order them individually?
Yes, custom type can be ordered in any size and in whichever characters, words, etc. that are required for your processes. Custom type usually requires only two production days.

Can you make fractions?
Yes, we make three different types of fractions: full fractions, split fractions, and stacked fractions.  When ordering, please specify which style you prefer.

Do you have fonts in any other type styles?
Yes, RIbtype is available in many different type styles. Additionally, most any type style can be made into RIBtype if you have specific requirements. Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

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Baselock®, Grip-line®, Sta-tite®, Dilok®, and various other brands of ribbed rubber type are compatible with RIBtype.

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