Complete Date Set
RIBtype Complete Date Sets contain one each of months, dates, and six consecutive years for quick and easy changes of your dates. It's exactly what you need when printing a MMM DD YYYY. A space is included after each month and before the year to allow for even and consistent spacing. The chart below shows samples of available sets.
Mat with Date Code
Complete Date Sets
Complete Date Sets
Text Sample                                      Text Size           Aligns With      No. of Ribs     Date Set Information
7/64"  (10 pt)           A9                2       
7/64"  (10 pt)          A9                2       
1/8"  (12 pt)          A10                2       
1/8"  (12 pt)          A10                2
9/64"  (14 pt)         A11                2
9/64"  (14 pt)          A11               2
1/4"  (18 pt)          B13                2       
3/8"  (36 pt)          U75                3       
1/2"  (48 pt)          U76                4       
DA9 date set DD10
DA9R date set DD10
DBA13 date set DD24
DU75 date set DD36
DA11 date set DD12
DA11R date set DR12
DU76 date set DD48
Complete Date Set Contents
Please note: there is a space following each month and preceding each year to allow for consistent spacing and ease of use.
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