Ludlow ISC
1947 - Indiana Stamp Company is founded by Don Bieber in November 1947
Elsewhere: The Polaroid camera is invented, a UFO crashes at Roswell, New Mexico, Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier in baseball, Walter Morrison invents the Frisbee,  the World Series is broadcast live for the first time

1960s - Indiana Stamp begins manufacturing ribbed rubber type
Elsewhere: Many civil rights milestones are reached during this decade, JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. are both assassinated, the first Super Bowl is played, color television in prime time becomes the norm, Neil Armstrong walks on the moon, and Woodstock is attended by thousands

1988 - Indiana Stamp begins marketing RIBtype product line
Elsewhere: The Hubble Space Telescope is put into operation, The first major computer virus infects computers connected to the Internet , Wrigley Field in Chicago becomes the last MLB park to add lights for night games, Discovery launched as first post-Challenger space shuttle flight

1989 - United RIBtype Company is formed as a division of Indiana Stamp Company
Elsewhere: Time, Inc. and Warner Communications form Time Warner, Hurricane Hugo strikes the East Coast, First release of Microsoft Office, The Simpsons debuts

1992 - URC begins manufacturing a metric version RIBtype® compatible with European brands
1992 - The largest shopping mall in the US, Minnesota's Mall of America, is constructed spanning 78 acres; The North America Free Trade Agreement is signed, Hurricane Andrew hits Florida

2002 - United RIBtype purchases the assets of Base Lock Rubber Type, our largest competitor in the US
Elsewhere: The Euro becomes the official currency of twelve of the European Union's Members , Kelly Clarkson Wins First American Idol Contest, Department of Homeland Security is created

2004 - URC moves into a new 30,000 square foot facility that houses all three ISC divisions: Indiana Stamp, United RIBtype, and Indiana Signworks.
Elsewhere: Enormous tsunami devastates Asia; Facebook is launched, Martha Stewart is convicted of a felony, Ken Jennings wins over 2.5 million dollars on Jeopardy!

RIBtype Fun Facts
This great historical photo captures a time when rubber stamp technology was a little different than it is now. See that young man in the white t-shirt? That is Bill, our General Manager. He has been with Indiana Stamp for over 45 years! As you may imagine, his knowledge about the marking industry and marking products is extensive. When something stumps us, Bill is always our best resource. Additionally, he's the mastermind behind the exacting standards of RIBtype products. The pages and pages of precise numbers (imagine the math!) used to create, and now maintain, our high standards of precision thickness and alignment came from this young man at the Ludlow machine.

In an average month our finishing department hand-cuts over 280,000 individual pieces of RIBtype just for stock fonts. This doesn't include the thousands of additional custom fonts, sorts, logos, and mats that are made every day.

Indiana Stamp Companies, including United RIBtype, participate in several community events throughout the year including a United Way fundraising campaign, blood drives, and cancer walks.

Did you know? RIBtype fonts are made in several languages including Arabic, Cyrillic, and Hebrew. Custom fonts in other languages have also been made.

Every October marks another Orange Day celebration at United RIBtype. The best orange food, costumes, and games can be found here while we enjoy fun and friendly competition. Let it be known that our sales manager, Mark, has Orange Day skills! He created an airplane that flew further than the entire length of our warehouse, easily winning last year's paper airplane contest.

United RIBtype, Indiana Stamp, and Indiana Signworks sponsor several families at Christmas by providing food, gifts, and other needs. Bake sales, raffles, and "Soup Wednesdays" are held throughout the calendar year to raise money. Then in November employees donate food, shop for gifts, and have a wrapping party to "pretty it all up" and prepare it for delivery to the families.
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