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United RIBtype is the largest manufacturer of ribbed-back rubber type in North America and the proud supplier of type to over 40 countries throughout the world. With the most exacting tolerances in the industry, we offer fast, expert service; precision quality products and personal service. Our mission is to provide our customers the highest quality ribbed rubber type and unparalleled expertise.

United RIBtype is a division of Indiana Stamp which has been providing marking and sign solutions since 1947. Together with Indiana Signworks, the three divisions make up Indiana Stamp Companies and work together out of our 30,000 square foot plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
When we began manufacturing ribbed rubber type in the 1960s, no one dreamed we would one day become the premier rubber type supplier in the United States, but fast forward 40-odd years and millions of pieces of type and that is exactly where we are. It's been an exciting and sometimes dizzying evolution that has seen us become the  provider of precision ribbed rubber type to over 40 countries worldwide.  

In the 1960s, Indiana Stamp began to manufacture ribbed rubber type in-house after finding that service from other manufacturers was slow and prices were high. As we perfected our processes and began receiving positive customer feedback, we recognized an opportunity for a supplier with fast service, high quality, and reasonable prices. To ensure our manufacturing process would yield only the best products, ISC invested in state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality molds and it became standard procedure to check each and every order for precise alignment and thickness. In 1988, active marketing for the RIBtype product line began and in 1989, United RIBtype began operating as its own company.

Customer response was fantastic. RIBtype quickly became known for it's unparalleled quality, service, and precision thickness and alignment. Competitive companies could not match the quality and our share of the market quickly grew. United RIBtype is now the largest manufacturer of ribbed rubber type in the United States. All RIBtype products are proudly made in the USA at our facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We continue to focus on offering fast, expert service and precision quality products at competitive prices.

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The Qualiry and Service Difference
What distinguishes RIBtype® is consistent product quality and fast service that is second to none in the world.

SERVICE: Custom-made type ships within 2 days (to US/Canada). Deep relief, silicone, large orders and exports require extra time. Stocked type sets generally ship the same day you order.

QUALITY: RIBtype®  is precisely manufactured to a thickness of .210" +/- .003".  Text is precisely aligned to the ribs with the same close tolerances. You get the finest quality imprints. Type you buy from us today will work perfectly with type you buy from us in the future. We guarantee it.

RIBtype® Deep Relief" type is also available for special applications, with a thickness of .270" and relief of .110". Click here for specifications.

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Baselock®, Grip-line®, Sta-tite®, Dilok®, and various other brands of ribbed rubber type are compatible with RIBtype.

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United RIBtype is a division of Indiana Stamp Companies
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